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The foundation was established in memory of Dr. James Muiruri. Its a capacity and peace initiative which seeks to train, engage, inform & improve the lives of young Kenyans. In line with Dr. James Muiruri’s beliefs and vision, the foundation is dedicated to bringing the youth of Kenya together in an effort to increase opportunity for children with the greatest of needs.

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My Farewell and Gratitude to Sheffield, London and Kent.

 Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 2:15pm

“Back at home, my bags are now unpacked with I having left the only life I have known for the last six years! And it all ended in Sheffield, a Great City built on seven hills. With all its splendor, its surrounding beauty fondly and constantly reminded me of the stars and breathtaking valleys of Ngethu village where I was bred and raised as a child. Now in Nyari Estate, my heart is as peaceful as a quiet afternoon as I reflect on my recent past while gazing through the window to capture the lights beneath the beautiful pattern of the street lights. Having originally left Nairobi for London on the 14th of September 2002, I can safely say that it has been a tremendous academic expedition. Back then, the many men that blessed me as I left the airport on that momentous night must have known what we can achieve with our education. And as the day of my home-coming party draws near, the women await to dance and say the full five Ngemis. (ululation)

THE IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!! In six years, I attained three Law degrees, including the Big one, a PhD in Law that was awarded to me on my birthday; 3rd October 2008. Although Sheffield is my second home, I believe that this is how my story in the UK shall be told. It all started at the University of Kent which accorded me a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree in July 2004. But it was in September of that year when my life got more exciting after I enrolled at the University of London. Not only did I achieve a Distinction in the LLM- Public International Law, I was also awarded the Drapers Company Prize for Academic Excellence in December 2005. Those that know me well recognize the magnitude of this feat, particularly with previously having been written off during my high school days where I got an E in math after having entered the prestigious Mangu High School with the lowest marks ever. A decade later, I can engage in a little bit of contentment when I reflect on how full scholarship from the University of Sheffield allowed me to teach Law for three years and attain a PhD.

MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE goes to those who allowed me to be myself, as I really am, and urged me on. Some stem from my early days on this earth while others have been the angels that I have come across along the way in this journey. Through all my days, my closest friends have shone, particularly during those extremely difficult moments when I found myself alone in the dark with instinct as my only companion. But they also know that I would not have wanted it any other way. I remain, and will always be, an external optimist who aspires to live a complete life. As I bid my farewell to my academic and exciting social life in the UK, I wish everyone well. I know that although history remains the ultimate judge, there are always ways that one would wish to be remembered. So for the moment, I hope to show that amidst all the partying, crazy times and occasional madness, it is possible to maintain a sense of purpose and return to your faith and ability to achieve your dreams.

LOOKING BACK, there are many memorable times that shall forever be engraved in my heart wherever I go. I will always cherish the victorious moment when I successfully represented a Disabled man at the Benefits Tribunal in Kent in 2004. We beat the system! Also, my graduation in London in a full Maasai outfit (in memory of my great grandmother) remains the most fulfilling moment so far. And I cannot thank my friends enough for making our week in London such a success for my family. As for the Sheffield crew, I am definitely going to miss you; the times we have had are out of this world. Thank you for electing me as the president of the East African Society where we won all the awards there were to win in 2006. With humility I urge you on. And in doing so, I must also now melt in the Nairobi’s heat and take to the skies. Truly, to All, I wish you all the best in the future and I will be there.”

These were Dr. James Muiruri last words as he passed on the 24th January 2009, four days after he posted this farewell message on his Facebook page.

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