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The Past, the Great River Chania and the Future

I AM suspended in ecstasy. For three years, I have worked and re-worked my thesis chapters. And for the very first time last week, I printed it all out. Indeed, it is when it became clear to me that a single thought had spread out to become almost 100,000 words. My personal satisfaction led me to remember the day I established this blog. Back then, I phrased it to describe what I understood of myself at the time. As a work in progress, I have evolved and developed. Still I am that star; one of the billions that seek to shine in this dark world. And hopefully, we will glow enough for all to see that the universe is full of colour and beauty and it is love that makes the world go round. My thesis demonstrates this belief in its own profound way.

CERTAINLY my journey to the current point represents the complete embodiment of the African dream. A grandson of a freedom fighter, I grew up in Ngethu right by the side of River Chania. I always take my friends there and show them the bridge that my father always took my brother and myself to. Standing on the overpass, beneath streams the river that befriended our past generations. The great Chania River will live forever, for all times. You can hear the sounds and the roaring of the river as you walk down the valley by father’s house. During our forefathers’ heroic and enduring struggles, Chania’s waters cleansed their sweating and bruised bodies and our women fetched its waters; sweet waters that fed a lifetime.

LIKE many that live in Africa, the introduction to life in the City takes away all past innocence. And hence, through the eyes of my heart, I looked to the world and saw love, disillusion, pain and happiness. Indeed, the good and the bad co-exist on the same side of the coin. The universe is truly beautiful; the world hurts so much. So my mind became a field of snow and pure waters of fresh serenity and landmines. In here I run all my life and not tire. And only herein am I truly and fully supreme; unrestricted by the ways of evil men. In Each Breath and at Each Step, all the days of my lifeI have breathed in and outin and outThere is no greater joy and no greater pain than that brought by this miracle

FOR as long as I live, for as long as my heart beatsI will wonder in amazement at life’s beauty. I will trudge on excited that I walk on this earth. Now thousands of miles from the motherland, I wait for my own moment of triumph. Matches are won everyday so I will not stray until my flash of brilliance changes the world. Indeed, the viva is coming soon and there after, I will start my life on a new page and my work will not possess a drop of past ink. In the end, Destiny has no recollection but is an end to all that is born.



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