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A Testimonial By Esther Njeri With Her Two Kids

  Esther Njeri is one of the kids we are handling at the moment, being our Pioneer at Dr. James Muiruri Foundation, she was born out of a single parent Mary Wangui in a family of five siblings, but lost her mother in 2001 after a struggle of an illness, being the eldest of them all she was left to fend for her younger ones with the assistance of her grand mother. At her tender age she was responsible for the upkeep of her younger sisters.School was another factor that hindered her daily struggle to fend for food and other basics for her siblings. She could not put up with school and at the same time go for casual farm labour, which was the only source of income to meet their basic needs, she had no option but to drop out of school.

It’s so unfortunate that after a short while she conceived and there after got married to a man who took advantage of her situation, two years down the line her marriage broke up thus forcing her to leave her matrimonial home and back to her aging grandmother’s place, she was pregnant again due to deliver a couple of months. At the moment she is a mother of two who struggles to fend for her two kids through thick and thin and at times she is forced to go for construction and menial work to put food on the table for her kids. She urgently needs to be assisted by well wisher be it through monetary support or by setting up a form of entrepreneurship that will help put a meal on the table for her kids and herself. Inset are photos of Esther at the foundation block where she come back recently to seek assistance.  



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