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A Testimonal By Kamau

John Kamau Njeri

16 years old


Form 1

I was born on 25th January 2002 in a small Village of Mahianyu in Laikipia County. By the time of my birth, my mother was seriously ill and seven months later, She, Margaret Njeri Kamau passed on. My sister and I were therefore left under the care of our grandparents who live entirely live on the aid of the government that is usually not sufficient to cater for their most basic of needs.

My grandmother had been battling illnesses for long  going from high blood pressure and tuberculosis. She recently passed away. Due to this, it has been very impossible to send me to school due to lack of fees. I have partial hearing in one of my ears and due to this; it has been very hard for me to do well in school despite the much that I try to be a star student. There had been plans to get me a hearing aid but the lack of funds rendered this plan futile and I continue to survive with hearing in one ear.

I joined class one in Morrisanne School and the schools management catered for my fees. During the years that I studied in that school, I always strived to in  the top most position and I was even appointed the class prefect. My future and aspirations were however shattered when the school closed down indefinitely, leaving me with no school and no money to even join another.

I was therefore, sent to the local Primary school where I have been on and off classes since my grandfather is unable to afford the tuition fee as well as stationery. Sometimes I leave school to do manual labor for example tilling land or harvesting or even construction at a fee so he can be able to afford his education and other times even put food on the table. For this reason, my performance started to deteriorate since I had missed so many classes and did not have any stationery whatsoever that I could use for home schooling.

My schooling has further been especially because of instability at home and questions of the whereabouts of my dad since he has never been in the picture. Sometimes the situation is tense when my uncles argue or get physical with one another since they all live in the same compound. For this reason, many are the days that I wander away from home just have some hours of peace and quiet.

I just recently got enrolled in form one where I started my secondary education and I do not know what will happen next in terms of my fees since I am now majorly relying on well



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