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A Testimonial By Nahashon Muchiri

                                                                                  NAHASHON MUCHIRI

My Name Nahashon Muchiri and I am 16 years old. My mother’s name was Sarah Wanjiku, she is now deceased. I have never known my biological  father; my mother never talked to me about him. I have a step-brother from my mother’s second marriage. My step-father took me as his own child and he accorded me with a normal childhood. The one thing that I am proud about the role that he played in my life as a  father-figure was that he enabled me to achieve early primary education by paying for my school fees.

All was well  with our family unit until after my mum passed away. My step-father informed me that he could no longer take care of me let alone pay for my school fees or for my daily needs. As a result, I was forced to stay away from school for two years; I  was sent to live with my grandfather on his less than one acre farm where I tended to his cattle, amongst other chores, just to put food on our table. With the little proceeds from this farm, I was barely able to go  back to school.
I hardly attended church on Sundays as this was the one day of the week where I had some free time to go out and play with my friends or to finish my homework. One Sunday morning, my grandfather asked me to accompany him to church. I was a little hesitant since I thought that this activity would take  my time away from my friends or my homework. Little did I know that the pastor would mention Dr. James Muiruri’s foundation and the work that they were doing in my community. This announcement sparked an interest in me, maybe I could learn more about the foundation and the work that they did in my community. I was surprised to learn that through the foundation, I could apply for a grant that I could use to pay for my school feels amongst other things.
 I contacted the administrator of the foundation and informed her of my desire to apply for a grant and to take part in any programs that they were implementing in our community. The application process was easy and after a few days, I was contacted by the administrator and I was informed that I was a recipient of one of their grants. Through the educational grant that I received, I now attend Karura SDA Church Primary school where I am a class prefect and a time keeper.  I will be graduating with the class of  2020 after seating for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exams.
As this is my testimony, I would like to thank Dr. James Muiruri’ foundation for giving me the chance to pursue my dream of going to school and becoming a productive member of the society.



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