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Child Sponsorship


Name: Tyrone Wangari Giathi

Age: 16 Years

School: Dr. Ribiero Parklands High School

Ambition: To become a Neurosurgeon



Tyrone is the first child to a family of four siblings. Currently Staying with his mother, the fathers’ were about is unknown after they separated, for being violent, drunk and non-supportive to the family. Tyrone’s mother was laid off from her job due to the hard economic times following the Covid 19 outbreak, She’s single with no stable income.

Tyrone was referred to the foundation by the area chief and his case history was taken and is on the list of the foundation’s next beneficiaries. His family members did a fundraiser for his first year in high school fees. The extended family have pointed that they are unable to sponsor him for the second year in school.  We are appealing for his sponsorship to meet his ambition of becoming a Neurosurgeon.

Find attached the school Requirements and fees structure

Dr. James Muiruri was mentoring and sponsoring students in both Kiambu and Nairobi counties. He held youth empowerment forums to assist them  develop enterprises based on their talent and skills while supporting viable initiatives.
Dr. James Muiruri used to sponsor children from Rachel’s Children Home, mentoring and advising to the children on the best practice in academic study.


Name: Doreen Wanjiru

Age: 18 years

High School: Moi Girls High School Isinya

Grade Attained: C+

Currently: Undertaking basic Computer packages and driving lessons


Ambition: To become an International Lawyer

Doreen was mentored by Dr. James Muiruri who is he Uncle from the tender age at primary school. The Uncle is the role model, who used to tell her to pursue her dreams no matter the challenges. She grew knowing that hard work pays. Her desire is to follow in her uncle James footsteps and undertake her undergraduate in Sheffield University.

Name: Nahashon Muchiri

Age: 16 years

School: Kairi Secondary School

Ambition:  to become a mechanical engineer

Nahashon is an orphan, His was abandoned by his step father chased him away. The foundation took over, housed and sponsored him to complete his primary education at Karuka SDA Church Primary school where he completed his primary education on 2020 and passed his examination and was admitted at Kairi boys high school where he is in form two. He performs very well in school and his dream is to become a mechanical engineer.