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Adolescent Girls Vocational Training

Dr. James Muiruri Foundation Vocational training enables adolescent girls to earn an income and build crucial life skills. The programmes also engage the private sector to be successful. As Dr. James Muiruri Foundation we know that girls, more than women or boys, lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to economic advancement. Inadequate policy frameworks and inequitable gender norms also often create barriers to girls’ economic advancement.

It is a common thing to observe that women are unable to complete their studies or get proper jobs due to a lack of skills, which results in their deteriorating financial condition. They then become dependent on others or they are unable to support their families. By providing vocational training to the girls and women, we can help them a step further so that they could do things on their own and earn their keep. With the vocational training, women can get economically empowered even when they do not have a proper job. They can start businesses, make and sell things from home or get jobs in manufacturing units companies etc.


Dr. James Muiruri Foundation Economic Empowerment reports which we’ve put down from various interviews with guests on Dexterity Radio explores the factors that contribute to adolescent girls’ economic empowerment and examines three main approaches – finance, employment, life-skills and social support strategies.


For a sound financial strategy, it is important to link workforce development and employment strategies with market needs and opportunities. We recommend that programmes offering vocational training and employment opportunities should include these initiatives to match market requirements and opportunities. This approach not only requires designing a quality training process that builds girls’ technical and soft skills, but also enlists the commitment of employers to hire participants. This is one core aspect we need your funding or donation to assist us in helping these girls, especially from rural communities.

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