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If you have ever volunteered before, be it with a local animal shelter, a care home, your church, or even in a foreign country; you will understand the impact that volunteering can make. Being a volunteer isn’t just about helping out in the community or giving back, it’s also about personal growth and development.

Many of our former volunteers from DR. JAMES MUIRURI FOUNDATION have told us that the time they spent in Nairobi was quite simply, life-changing.

“Before volunteering with DR. JAMES MUIRURI FOUNDATION I only had a small knowledge about children’s homes and how they are run. From the most extreme situations, these children are growing into future leaders and I have been lucky enough to hold their hand and walk alongside them for a small part of their journey onto a better and brighter life.” Cecile, Denmark

Whatever stage you may be in your life, enjoying a gap year after school or university, taking a career break or searching for something to expand your horizons during your summer break, DR. JAMES MUIRURI FOUNDATION can offer placements from 2 months to 6 months and in some cases even longer.

We offer free accommodation, free lunch on the days where you are working and we’re one of the very few organisations who won’t charge you a programme fee.  You simply pay for flights, vaccinations and travel insurance and any additional living costs you might have when you are in Kenya.  Volunteering should be about passion, not about the size of your wallet!

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